February 28th - March 1st, 2020
San Diego, CA



This is an exclusive offer to come to The BELIEVE Event as Kerry's guest for only $197 ticket, normally $600.

The BELIEVE Event is the MOST FUN girls weekend out there. It’s a blend of some of the BEST women’s transformation, personal development and self-love training on the planet, where Kerry shares step-by-step processes to find freedom from self sabotage and create the results you really desire in your life.

I magine a room of amazing women  who have come together at this powerful event to connect and support one another’s transformations to living healthy, happy and amazing lives.


You are a direct reflection of the five people you hang around with the most, surround yourself with women moving in the right direction!




Kerry cuts through the confusion and gives you what
you need to know to THRIVE, not just survive.

Kerry Tepedino has made her mark in the personal development industry as one of the leading women's coaches in the world. Kerry came from a hard background of low self-esteem, not believing in herself, being 45-50 pounds heavier than she is today and desperate for change. She came to a defining moment in her life where she got to make a decision to continue being unhappy and burned out... or find the freedom that her soul was craving.


Through deep study of personal development, leadership, holistic health, nutrition, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and breath work, Kerry created her Sacred Self System, which helped her life go from rock bottom to where she is today... loving a life that she never thought could be possible for her. She has influenced over 150,000 people worldwide in mindset mastery, emotional mastery, loving themselves, and believing that with the proper mentorship, community and strategies... anything is possible.




Some of the most incredible breakthroughs happened at the last BELIEVE Event. Click the Play button to watch our 2019 Success Panel,
so you can see what's possible for you too!


is all about:





Day 1: The Vision

Day 2: The Roadmap

ncover what your big vision is for your life in 2020.

esign the roadmap to get you there.

Day 3: The Follow Through


earn the tools and strategies to integrate what you learned and how to use them to implement your roadmap to achieve your vision.

Plus: Inspirational speakers and THE most uplifting community of women to take a stand for you living your best life!


TO WIN IN 2020!

he BELIEVE Event is the most effective gathering of the year for women who are ready to love themselves and their lives, no matter what, and have a ton of fun doing so!


Changes Lives!

How much proof do you need that The BELIEVE EVENT is a game changer?

PS from Kerry

You reaching your goals is one of my greatest passions and it's exciting to share my PROVEN system with you that has influenced over 150,000 people worldwide so far.

By the way, I understand you want to believe there’s a way out of your pain and you hope this is your solution, but how can you trust this for you have tried so many other things before. I GET IT.

It doesn’t have to be so hard and I will give you a Clear Plan at The BELIEVE Event to make 2020 your best year ever.

So, hurry and reserve your seats for you and your girlfriends, and I will see you there!



YES, I'm Ready To Be The
Happiest & Healthiest Version of Myself EVER!


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